Welcome to the Psychotherapy Special Interest Group

Who we are

As psychotherapists who are Mental Health Nurses (MHNs) and Mental Health Nursing Practitioners (MHNPs) we are driven by a passion to help reduce the distress of those experiencing mental, physical, emotional, and relational suffering. We seek to destigmatise and humanise care, and to offer consumers choice, collaboration, dignity and respect, aligning with today’s trauma- informed approach.

We practice many forms of psychotherapy, both brief and longer term, cognitive and sensorimotor, in diverse settings and through all phases of life. Recovery-oriented psychotherapy spans the simplest to the most complex situations and understands Common Factors like the therapeutic alliance to be essential.

Further, we are committed to strengthening and supporting MHN and MHNP practice and skills through psychotherapy clinical supervision, ongoing learning or training, and by supported self-study via a personal therapy processes, to ensure optimal outcomes. A new credentialing in psychotherapy is currently being discussed, as are networking opportunities, and we offer monthly psychotherapy Zoom webinars, and a psychotherapy masterclass at the ACMHN Conference.

Aware that optimal mental health is reliant on systemic factors like access to housing, social justice, economic equity and empowerment, we act individually and via the ACMHN Board as advocates for consumers at local, state and federal levels where possible. As psychotherapists we are aware that many Royal Commissions have found the biomedical model lacking. We support a hopeful, holistic and recovery-oriented approach, inspiring strengths, hope, optimism, resourcing and connection to others.


Please email Claire Hudson-McAuley, Chair Psychotherapy SIG at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . Membership is open to all nurses who are practicing in or simply curious about psychotherapy. We have an active working party, and also issue a psychotherapy newsletter quarterly. We would love you to join us!

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