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Branch Contacts 

Cecily Pollard - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Branch Meetings  

Branch meetings have continued in various forms over the years.

Throughout our history, there have been times when it has been very difficult to attract Tasmanian mental health nurses to join the College and even more challenging to entice members become involved at a business level.

These issues have been discussed at the ACMHN Council of Branches - a regular meeting between the Chairs of all the State and Territory Branches. As a result of our discussions, we intend to engage a new strategy which we will trial for the next 2 years - we will hold 3 monthly, dinner meetings which will include business and/or education workshops.

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Minutes will be made available here shortly after each Branch meeting. 




The Tasmanian Branch of the ACMHN has had an exhilarating past with many highlights and challenges. In spite of our small size, the branch continues to thrive, because we're passionate, motivated and committed. 

Watch this space for a more detailed history ... to be shared with you soon.

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